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12 Impressive Wooden Chairs

Do you like vintage, original, natural, or just funny wooden furniture? So do I! Here we've selected a dozen interesting wooden chairs. Enjoy the pictures and learn more about the chairs (you can click on each picture to see it larger):

12 http://www.flickr.com/photos/4nitsirk/3935194988/ 1. Wooden Chair at the Coton Manor Gardens

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Free Picnic Bench Plans

This bench will look very similar to the one that's being sold here for $99. You can always buy the ready one if you prefer. But if you are a DIY fan, below are the plans to build a very similar bench.

The dimensions of the bench on our...

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Stools, Chairs and Other Places Where You Can Sit In The Garden

What To Do When You Just Need To Have a Seat Outside

OK, benches are cool. And what else - comfortable, affordable, nice looking. But sometimes there is not enough space for a bench. Or it just doesn't quite fit some place in the backyard. Or whatever, maybe you just want...

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Use Seed Starting Benches To Extend Your Gardening Season

By AboutBenches.com editor

With the spring approaching here it's time to to think about starting seeds indoors. Apparently you can do this even in other seasons for various reasons - for example to make it easier to figure out the seeds from weeds, or to plant the seedlings in...

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DIY: 11 Easy Wood Benches

Projects That You Can Build In a Day, Often With Scratch Wood

Let's get to work: here are 11 easy to do yourself wooden benches. There are regular backless benches, ones with back, woodworking tables and stools:

1. Oak...

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