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Here Is A Great Collection Of Wooden Bench Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words, that's why we've collected some wooden bench picutres. You can see the main types of wooden benches and read more about them under the pictures. Some of the benches can even be purchased online.

Old style bench
Photo by RozSheffield

This is an old style wooden bench with steel frame. If you want such one for your garden you may need to look for it second hand, or purchase such frame at a local forge. It's not going to be cheap.

This is a standard pine wood outdoor bench that can be bought for $120 - $150. It's simple and elegant and is appropriate for sunny gardens with light style.


Typical park bench
Photo by jACK TWO

A very typical park bench. Sometimes such one can fit extremely well in a private garden. Such benches have a simple construction and long life.

A bench made entirely of red cedar wood. It's a great item for garden and patio, protected against rot and decay. Such a style entirely based on wood is suitable for most backyards. Costs about $200, click on the picture for more details.


A bench made only of wood
Photo by the_amanda

Yet another bench made only from wood. This is simple and more rough, but very stable. The design is good for a do it yourself project.

Very simple DIY bench
Photo by Istvan

A very simple and natural bench. It's not something you can buy online, you can only make such item yourself. It's made from a single trunk split in two parts, and 6 beams. Lovely stuff if it can fit your backyard design.


Yet another simple backless bench
Photo by doug88888

If you like the simple things, here's a backless bench which is also very easy to make. Note how this one has its seat crooked. To avoid this you need better wood material than the one used here.


This is a more elegant one. It's a cottage garden bench made of fir wood. The design is good even for more pretentious gardens. The bench is for 1-2 people and costs between $170 and $200. Click on the picture for more information.

Standard green bench
Photo by quaglia

Standard benches like this one are usually installed in public places. However they can look amazing in some gardens especially if painted well. This one has a metal frame.


This is a very stylish and surprisingly cheap park bench made of wood and steel. Would fit well in any garden. This kind of benches aren't appropriate for DIY projects unless you are a good smith yourself.

Elegant DIY bench
Photo by © Giorgio

Speaking about DIY benches, here's another simple but elegant one. As you can see the seat is made of planks, and the legs are simply trunks but the back has a small stylish detail that requires some more work and gives the bench more "expensive" look.

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