Organize Your Backyard With Outdoor Storage Benches

They Give You Two In One - a Furniture To Sit On And Storage Space

So, what are storage benches and what you can store inside? Apparently you can store everything that can fit in around 40" X 20" X 20" box - this is the approximate size of an average outdoor storage bench. In practice you'll probably store

small garden tools, preparations, garden shoes

and so on. These benches are not appropriate for storing fruits and vegetables that you have picked up in the garden except if they require dark place. When used indoor, such benches can serve for storing various inhouse stuff - blankets, rarely used or seasonal clothes, tools etc.

While the outdoor storage benches differ in design and style, the storage area is always under the seat. Most often it's opened from the top, but some benches have two or more elegant doors on their front.

Have In Mind Few Things When Buying Or Building Outdoor Storage Bench:

When used outdoor the storage benches need the same protective varnishing like any other outdoor bench - that's valid especially for the wooden ones. The plastic storage benches don't need such because plastic is water-resist but they are not as strudy as the teak or cedar furniture.

Another thing to have in mind is that this kind of storage furniture

needs stronger construction

- it should not only sustain people sitting on it, but also the stuff stored inside which can be heavy.

When closed they should not leave any slits. This is very important when the benches are used outdoor. Slits can be an entrance for water (especially when they are on the top side) and for various insects or even animals. When buying or building such a bench do check carefully if the cover or the doors close well and tightly.

Costs Of Different Storage Benches

There are two main types of outdoor storage benches which determine the cost ranges. The simple wood or plastic benches often have no backrest or only have a decorative one. They are on the cheaper end can be found for just $100 (and then go up to $200-300 or more). Most important about these benches is the storage space they offer, the quality of the materials and of course the quality of the manufacture.

The benches that are used as storage and sitting furniture

need comfortable backrest

and often have also pillows on the sitting place - although that's mostly seen in the indoor furniture rather than the outdoor ones. The prices of such benches normally start from $200 and go up to $1,000 for teak products with unique design and special qualities.

Building yourself is always an option to save some money - you can purchase bench plans for $10 - $20, wood material, screws, nails, runners etc for $50 - $100 total and the rest is your time. Your time is not free but if you enjoy doing it, you can count that as entertainment time. And instead of spending money on your free time you will be saving from it.

Indoor Storage Bench
This one is indoor and perfect for children's room
Photo by Aminimanda

So Is There Anything Wrong With Storage Benches?

The "two in one" feature comes with its price of course. The monetary price is often the same as the price of the "regular" benches, but there are some other disadvantages. Generally the storage furniture has shorter life: the drawer runners start wearing out, the cover becomes warped, slits start appearing and so on. The moving parts just break more often than the other and that's normal. For this reason you'd better carefully think whether you really want a storage bench or just a regular one will do the work.

I wouldn't neglect also the fact that storage benches rarely look elegant enough unless when they cost a lot. The storage area makes them look angular and glumsy. They are heavy and hard for moving and when moved easily break here and there.

Of course these disadvantages aren't a reason to avoid outdoor storage benches if you really need furniture that will combine relaxation and practical storage space in one. Just get or build one and enjoy it.

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