Stools, Chairs and Other Places Where You Can Sit In The Garden

What To Do When You Just Need To Have a Seat Outside

OK, benches are cool. And what else - comfortable, affordable, nice looking. But sometimes there is not enough space for a bench. Or it just doesn't quite fit some place in the backyard. Or whatever, maybe you just want something different. And you still need to have a seat after working in the garden. So here are some other options you have. You can arrange garden stools and chairs along with a bench or two, or you can use only stools.

Garden Stools

Emissary blue and white octagonal garden stool

Who knows why most stools you can find at this time are like the one at the picture. Cylindrical shape with some ornaments or painted like mushrooms etc. Not all stools have to be like this. You can have typical square stool made of wood or metal, similar to a bench - just shorter.

Making a rectangular garden stool yourself is not much different than making a bench. You can just use some bench plans and shorten the length a little bit. If required you may remove the legs in the middle.

Looking to buy a bunch of stools? Expect to pay between $20 and $100 per stool. The circle shaped ones are usually more expensive.

Outdoor Chairs

Chairs are of course more comfortable. The wooden ones may need to be covered or kept under an umbrella when it rains so they can last longer. Some chairs are good for all-weather like those made of rattan - for example the famous Strathwood furniture. Chairs made or wrought iron are particularly good. And expensive. Like $200 or more for a single one. That expensive.

When buying outdoor chair have in mind also you may need some specific accessories. Being produced for outdoor use, they aren't soft and as comfortable for sitting as the chair you are now (most probably) sitting on. So you may need chair pad. Pads add another $10 - $20 and sometimes $50 - $100 per chair.

As I already said, in order to protect your outdoor chairs from rain and snow you may have to move them inside or put them under umbrella. The easiest and most secure solution is to use chair covers. Add between $10 or $30 for each cover.

As you see, chairs are good but if you have to add 4 or 8 good ones in the garden you may have to spend more than thousand bucks. Same sitting area can be achieved with just two benches.

Of course you can make a chair yourself. Here is a good plan for relatively simple one. And here is one made out of hardwood pallets. And it comes at about $50.

Low Cost Or Nearly Free Sitting Furniture?

But who said you have to spend even that much on your garden stools, chairs or benches? It was not me! Here are a bunch of other ideas for sitting furniture that's very low cost, and sometimes free:

Log Stools

Ideally you would have some benches and some stools/chairs in the garden so you have a place to sit every few meters. In practice most backyards have limited space so you wouldn't want to waste too much for sitting furniture. But it's good to think about all options - sometimes just a log here and there will be enough.

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