Metal Outdoor Benches: How To Choose, Install and Care for Them

And Are Metal Benches a Better Choice Than The Wooden Ones?

The metal outdoor benches are beautiful, affordable, have long durability and can fit well the style of almost every garden. Are they better than the wooden benches? That's a very subjective question and the answer mostly depends on your personal taste. However the metal garden benches have some practical advantages. What are they? Keep reading, I'll tell you everything.

Metal Outdoor Bench
If you have a lake in the garden you can achieve the same effect
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Metal outdoor bench advantages

Because steel is so forgeable material, metal garden benches have

limitless shapes and styles

. Most of them are elegant and made of fine parts which is reasonable - the fine construction saves material and most importantly makes the bench lighter and easier to transport.

Metal benches can come in all kind of colors and be painted in a completely different color after that. This makes them appropriate even if you decide to

change your garden style

in general. Just repainting the bench can make it fit the new style and look like new itself.

These benches are also very firm and besides corrosion have very little problems to deal with. They are far more weather-proof than the wooden or plastic garden benches. You don't need to cover then when it rains, and in most cases no special treatment besides paint is needed. Most metal outdoor benches can stay outside even in the winter.

The disadvantages of metal benches

Let's start from the price. The quality metal benches are usually more expensive than similar in size wooden ones. Of course you can find cheap items too but they are likely to be made of

low quality steel

and not be protected against rust. The good metal benches start from $100 - $200 and of course can exceed several hundred specially if they are designer's items.

Rust is a problem for any metal outdoor item. Even the well treaten ones can start rusting in some places especially when the paint fall off. The wooden benches have a similar problem - rotting of course, but it's much easier to replace a rotten part of a wooden bench.

Some people believe metal benches are less comfortable for sitting especially when it's hot or cold. It's true that the steel

warms up quickly under the sunlight and freezes

when it's cold. You can use pillows to solve this problem, but then you will need to collect the pillows at home each time when it rains or snows.

Probably because of these advantages and disadvantages many benches are made of steel frame, but wooden seat and back.

Choosing a metal bench

The most important criteria should be your personal taste - the benches have different styles and shapes, so just pick the ones you like most and fit your budget. The material can be steel, aluminum, whrought iron or copper - all of them are fine. Aluminum benches are usually lighter but more expensive, steel ones are very steady and robust, while wrought iron and copper ones can have extremely beautiful decorations.

Unlike the wooden outdoor furniture, most metal benches don't contain any harmful chemicals in them which makes them a great choice. You may still want to double check this when buying a bench especially if you have small kids.

Installing a metal bench

It's usually easier than installing a wooden bench. In most cases you will receive specific installation instructions for every model when you buy from a store. Some steel benches are heavy and stable enough not to need any installation - you can just drop them out there and enjoy.

What about the maintenance?

Here's some good news: metal outdoor benches don't need as much maintenance as the other types. One of the most common maintenance procedures is


which can be done either to protect the bench from rust, to refresh its look or just to change the style. The paints can be applied by brush or even by aerosol especially when the entire bench is made of metal and has no wooden parts.

A really required care is


and I recommend you do it often enough. It's protecting the bench and ensuring longer life, also a clean bench look much fresher. When cleaning the bench don't use anything abrasive or chemical preparations - just hot water and soap is enough. Clean your metal benches as often as they need to be cleaned - there is no exact rule saying how often.

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