Indoor Benches Make Your Home Look Stylish

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They Can Be Retro Or Not, Functional Or Decorative

Yes, I know that our site is mostly about outdoor benches and yes, I know that "outdoor" is the first place most of us imagine a bench can be situated. But benches can be used indoor with great success. Obviously the design, size and materials of indoor benches are usually different than those of the outdoor benches. We'll talk about the differences shortly.

Why would you want to use indoor bench? The most obvious reason is for sitting, but indoor benches can also be used for decoration and storage. While

they can fit every room,

usually the most appropriate places are the entrance, the balcon and the kitchen. Indoor benches are good also for the children's room because kids easily turn them into multi-purpose furniture for sitting, lying, riding, games and so on.

Indoor Bench
Who said all benches are outdoor?
Photo by stu_pendousmat

Indoor, Outdoor, What's the Difference?

Sure, you could use the same benches indoor and outdoor if you find enough space (outdoor ones tend to be larger). That's rarely a good idea though. Most outdoor benches are planned for outdoor use - they are heavy and their legs

can damage the flooring

in your home. They are also made to me more durable on water and bad weather conditions that won't happen indoor. So buying an outdoor bench for indoor usage you will pay for things that you aren't going to use. The idea to use indoor bench outdoor is even worse - without the protections and treatment it's going to be ruined in few weeks. More about these technical differences can be found here.

Design-wise people use backless benches more often indoor than outdoor. Backless benches are smaller and lighter, can easily fit anywhere and be moved, and often can be used as a stand for various things - pots, TV sets, anything.

Indoor benches are often also storage furniture. It's less likely for an outdoor bench to be used this way.

Types Of Indoor Benches

Like any kind of benches, two main classes are valid for the indoor ones: backless and complete. And as said above, you'll see more backless benches indoor than anywhere else.

The sub-styles are really many and are based on the material, on the purpose, the position or the design. This isn't a textbook so

I won't bore you with classifications

Here's a list of few types that you may want to place in your home or office:

  • Entryway benches are to replace chairs for guests in your home, office or cabinet. They can have any design, be built of any material and have any price (even a price that you won't like).
  • You may think about a bed bench for your bedroom. They have two main purposes - to be used as a bed and to accompany the bed.
  • Leather benches are furniture you will see only indoor. Very confortable for sitting although the design of most of them is too "industrial". They are used more in public buildings rather than in private homes. Still one well designed leather bench can fit greatly your home.
  • Finally, one of the most useful furniture ever created are the Storage benches. It's clear of the name that they can be used as sitting furniture and at the same time for storage like a coffer or a storage shed. Usually made of wood these benches are very practical and useful.

Making Indoor Benches Yourself

The DIY enthusiasts always ask this so I always write about it. Yes, you can make indoor benches yourself. Technically it's easier than making an outdoor bench because you need to care less about whitstanding bad conditions and water. In practice however the

indoor benches have higher requirements

about the fine details which requires more patience and skillful hands. Most probably you are going to make your bench from wood so make sure you have asquired some basic woodworkign skills. If you don't have much experience it's a good idea to learn by this guide.

Once you have done this, obtain some plans (unless you are building a very simple backless bench). You can find some good free guides with PDF plans for free on this site. Like everything that's free these plans aren't very detailed and big enoug, so you may consider buying plans for $5 - $15, not much. This site has a good collection of links for example (they say most plans are free, but in fact most are not).

Depending on the complexity of the bench you may need from a couple of hours to a couple of weeks to complete the project. Don't hurry, work with patience and pleasure. If you don't like doing this, just buy a ready bench - it's not a huge furniture and the savings is not worth spending your time doing something you don't enjoy.

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