Two Ways To Get The Most Of Your Indoor Benches

Be Creative, Use Your Benches In Many Ways!

Apparently the interest in indoor benches has been more than I expected. A lot of people have or consider buying an indoor bench for their apartment or house. So here I am writing about them again.

So, how you can use your indoor benches more wisely and what you can do to improve them? Read in this article.

Indoor Bench Cushions

A furniture used for sitting at home should be comfortable no matter what clothes you have on you - and even if you have no clothes at all. Bench cushions are the solution to make your benches

really comfortable

even when it's cold or when it's hot and ladies wear short skirts.

The typical bench cushions look simple, but if you plan to purchase one, there are few things to think about:

  • The shape - it can be a standard rectangle; it can have rounded corners, or have rounded corners only at the front or only at the back; it can be trapezoid; or it can have custom shape. Check the shape of your bench and imagine what shape its cushion will need to have. Do this before purchasing, not after that :)
  • The dimensions - cushions usually have 3 dimensions: Depth, Width and Thickness. Depth and width depend on your indoor bench size and thickness is usually between 1" and 10", up to your preferences and pocket depth.
  • Fabric and fabric type - the fabrics typically differ depending on the usage: indoor or outdoor. Many indoor fabric cushions are not appropriate for outdoor usage so think about this if your bench also "visits" your garden in the summer. Some fabrics are priced highly because they are considered "designer" fabrics. Their higher price doesn't always equal higher quality.
  • The filling - it's different for indoor and outdoor usage. The outdoor filling is typically made of polyester and does not retain water. The indoor filling can be made of polyurethane and holds its shape longer but retains water.
  • Style and cording - can be box edge or double cord box.
  • Fabric ties - if you want the cushion to have ties they can be placed on all corners, only on the sides or only at back/front corners. Usually cushions with ties will be slightly more expensive.

You see now, bench cushions aren't such a simple thing. When purchasing one from a store it can exceed even $100 depending on the size of your bench and your requirements. A good option to save some bucks is to make your cushion yourself.

Indoor bench with cushion
Here is a storage bench with designer's cushion - the best you can do with your furniture!
Photo by Enid H. W.

Indoor Storage Benches

The space at home is never enough, at least for the most of us. Indoor benches can help a lot for organizing your household if you can store some items in them. Storage benches may be more expensive and heavier, but

the extra money pays off

because you don't need to buy or rent larger home (seriously).

When used indoor this type of benches doesn't need to be closed tightly. In fact some of them don't even have closets with front doors, but just empty areas with wicker baskets inside. This is a neat idea because such benches are not so heavy and expensive like the others.

When buying an indoor storage bench think also where you are planning to place it. If it will be next to a wall, which is the more popular option, the bench doesn't need to have a back or can have a very light back. Benches with heavy backs occupy more space. Light back is probably the best option because you can attach cushions to it and make the bench really comfortable.

If you plan for an entryway bench, consider buying a storage one and use it for keeping the shoes inside. This is one of the best ways to use the multi-purpose functionality of this furniture.

Indoor Storage Bench

I like to apply this approach to every type of furniture: to combine different purpses especially when the space at home is limited. And if you are buying furniture like bench, it's worth to spend a bit more but make it really comfortable (in this case with cushion).

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