Gardeners Often Build Their Potting Bench Themselves

A Furniture That Combines Beauty And Functionality In Small Space

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Potting benches are very different than the other types of outdoor garden benches, because they are not used for sitting. They are a type of workbenches used by gardeners for small gardening tasks.

Nowadays garden potting benches are used even more for

decorative pursposes

- to arrange and display potting plants in the garden or indoor. This of course places much stronger focus on their designs which has lead to more potting bench variations than stars on the sky. But that's something that we - the users - can only admire.

If you would like to have a garden or indoor potting bench, keep reading to learn a bit more about them. Basically you have two options - to purchase one or build one yourself. The second option is chosen more often maybe because potting benches are a bit easier to build (and more fun) than the benches used as sitting furniture.

Materials Used For Potting Benches

Most quality potting benches are made of quality wood as cedar, red cedar or teak (teak is a bit expensive though). Wood is natural choice for people who build their furniture themselves too. Because when used outdoor these benches are

exposed to water, sunlight and soil

the wood needs proper treatment.

Metal is not so often used for garden potting benches. The problem with corrosion can be solved but such metal constructions don't fit so well to every garden design. It's unlikely that you'll build such a bench yourself too because working with steel requires special skills and tools.

The benches made of vinyl or other recycled plastic are light, can look great in different colors and are often cheaper. They don't need special treatment or maintenance other than cleaning. Consider however that when plastic becomes older it doesn't look good and authentic like wood or metal.

Potting Benches Buyers Guide

If you want to buy a garden potting bench you need to prepare between $100 and $500 for most models. On the cheaper end there are mostly plastic benches and some simple metal and wooden ones. On the top (and even above $500) you will find some teak potting benches and artistic steel furniture.

Here are few things you need to consider when choosing a potting bench:

  • The material. As said above you have mostly three choices. Besides the price, think which kind of bench will fit best the design of your garden or indoor area.
  • The size/dimensions. Choose a bench that is slightly smaller than the space you have for it. There must be enough space and air around it for the plants. Especially consider the height of the bench and the vertical space between the shelves - it must be enough to allow plans grow normally.
  • The colors. Potting benches contain more parts and gadgets than the other furniture which makes painting harder. So it's better to leave the original color intact - which of course means to choose the color wisely.

If you are buying your garden potting bench online, check the guarantee, shipping costs and the reputation of the company.

Poitting Bench
You can "store" cats on the potting bench as well.
Photo by WindsurfGirl

Making Garden Potting Bench And Potting Bench Plans

Building a potting bench has become a popular DIY project in the recent years. This is good news for enthusiasts because there are many guides and

pottting bench plans

available online - and many of them are even free. Basically the building process involves several main steps:

  • Design your bench. Designing is lovely activity if you know what you are doing and have some basic engineering knowledge. Otherwise you'd better skip designing on your own and get some potting bench plans. You can find links to some free plans on this site and here too
  • Cut the wood parts. Most likely you are going to build a wooden potting bench. The plastic and metal ones are made in factories.
  • Assemble the parts usually with nails or screws.
  • Finish it with paint and treatments - especially important if you are going to use the bench outdoor.

If you actually want to try you'd better get plans or at least read a complete guide with pictures like this one.

Potting benches are popular because of their universal usage - you don't need a garden or too much space. So if you still don't have any, go get or build one.

One of the most popular stores for garden potting benches offering great variety is

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