Benches Made Of Tree Branches and Trunks

Creepy, Strange Or Just Natural - You Choose The Final Outlook

People love wooden outdoor benches for the natural look and feel they have. Of course they have other advantages too but this is one of the most important. But some don't find benches made of planks and boards natural and interesting enough and make benches from tree branches and trunks.

The Simplest Benches - From Tree Trunks

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to make a bench is just to find a couple of trunks in the forest. (Never cur live trees, just find something lying out there!) You'll need a good saw cutter to cut two equal pieces for the legs and then cut the rest of the trunk in its middle endlong. One of the halves will be the seat (placed square to the legs) and the other half will be the back.

Easy! You only need to attach the back, perhaps with a few branches.

Inspite of being simple these benches are very durable. Even if you don't treat the trunks against rot it can survive few years. With proper treatment this time can be a lot longer.

Of course you may love to simplify the things further and have a trunk bench like this one. I'd definitely recommend you do it yourself instead of buying it for $11,000!

Benches From Tree Branches

Looking for something more scenic? Then perhaps you should consider a bench entirely or partially made from tree branches.

Finding stuff for such one is even easier - fallen branches are everywhere in the forest and are easier to bring home with a car or even in hands.

Best of all, there are many design options. You can build the bench entirely from branches or combine branches with something else or even with other existing furniture. You can first find some branches and then decide what the bench will look like based on them. Let's share some inspiration:

park bench

Painting and Finishing?

Paining this type of benches is usually not a great idea because you can easily kill the natural effect. Some kind of finishing might not be as bad however as it will protect your bench from quick rot. If you are buying a branch or trunk bench from a store it's probably going to be treated already, but if you are making it yourself buy some primer or yacht varnish and treat the wood with it.

Make sure that the bench is strong enough for sitting on it. While trunk benches have no issues, benches made of tree branches are often too weak and break easy.

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