Blog Review: Lazy Suzan

We are starting a new section in the site. We'll do short reviews interesting blogs related to benches, garden furniture etc. I hope the reviews will help you discover interesting blogs about these topics. If you want to suggest a blog, just let us know.

The Lazy Suzan Blog

Let's start with the Lazy Suzan blog about gardening, patio and garden design, furniture etc.

The blog is fairly popular and in addition to gardening, covers some general topics on cooking and home/family issues. There is a good videos section with how-to videos. While there are no videos about benches you may want to check How to Build Summer 8 Seater Oval Garden Table.

The blog is fairly busy and publishes several articles per week. The authors have an UK-based store selling metal garden furniture including some decent metal garden benches.

They have built a fairly good blog for a small business, so I though it's good to start. Stay tuned for more blog reviews.

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