Top 8 Reasons To Make a Garden Bench Yourself

Shopping for benches? Wait. Maybe it's wiser to build one yourself. Here is why:

1. It's cheaper. This is the most obvious reason. But do you know how cheap it could be? If you build your bench using old boards or tree branches and trunks it could be nearly free. If you don't have such materials available you can make a concrete bench for about $50 (for materials). You can really save money. Don't forget to count your time though.

Long bench  initial sketch

2. It's fun. Building a bench takes a couple of hours or at most one day and it's not hard work. An excellent way to spend Sunday afternoon instead of watching TV.

3. You can have a unique bench. It's of course easy to find ready bench plans and use them but you can also draw the plans of your bench yourself. This way you can build a bench that no one else has. With funny shapes. Of just extremely comfortable. Or extremely frugal. It's all your choice.

4. You can make it fit your space. When buying ready benches you rarely can find one that fits exactly the space you have for it. Especially if it's a bench that has to fill a niche at the fence or near the house. When building your own bench, of course you'll just design it with the right size.

5. You'll learn how to make benches. Like with most DIY things, it's hard only the first time. Once you make the first bench you'll figure out how easy or hard is to level the bench, where is the best place to attach the legs, how to plane the wood for the wooden bench etc. Then making the next bench is a lot easier (and faster).

6. We can publish your pictures. If you build a DIY bench yourself we'll be happy to publish your pictures and some words about you. Just contact us and let us know.

7. You can use old furniture. If you have an old broken table or desk, don't throw it. Part of the materials in it can be used for making a new bench. Sometimes this will be the legs, other times the main board, or even some screws. Redesign the thing, add new materials, paint it and finish it. The new bench may look completely different and fresh.

8. You'll know exactly what's in it. When buying a bench you have to rely on what the seller says about the materials used. This is vague area especially with the budget benches made offshore. The quality is often vague too and sometimes you figure out that the manufacturer has used the cheapest materials that don't last much. When making your bench yourself you know exactly what's inside.

Finally, you don't lose much by trying. Try to build at least one bench yourself - even if it's the simplest one made of a tree trunk.

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