12 Impressive Wooden Chairs

Do you like vintage, original, natural, or just funny wooden furniture? So do I! Here we've selected a dozen interesting wooden chairs. Enjoy the pictures and learn more about the chairs (you can click on each picture to see it larger):

12 http://www.flickr.com/photos/4nitsirk/3935194988/

1. Wooden Chair at the Coton Manor Gardens

Wooden Chair at the Coton Manor Gardens

Smart usage of a wooden trunk. You may want to learn more about this type of furniture from this article.

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2. Restraint Chairs

Restraint Chairs

Removing the leather from old chairs is one way to restoration. You can then paint them, put new leader or just chair pillows.

3. World's Largest Rocking Chair

World's Largest Rocking Chair

This one is really large (click the pciture for more info), but this is not the reason we included it here. It's more interesting because of it's almost forgotten great design. Have you seen such chairs recently in the stores?

4. Old, Old One

Old Chair Photo

The photo iteself is rather interesting. But look at the chair model: look at the elegant back. How many wooden chairs today have such one?

5. A Chair in The Wild

A Chair in The Wild

And yet another excellent chair made of trunk. You need a really big trunk for this. Don't cut such tree, use trunks only from fallen trees.

6. Wooden Chairs and Bench

Wooden Chairs and Bench

Again trunks! This furniture is rather old so it takes some time to recognize how the trunks are carved to form it.

7. Blue Chair

Blue Chair

Good chair from massive wooden boards. And the color is cool.

8. Wheel Bench

Wheel Bench

This is really creative idea for a wooden bench or chair. Requires craftsman skills!

9. Carved Chairs

Carved Chairs

Wooden chairs can look like this as well. I won't mention the cost. I don't know it, and don't want to know it :)

10. Vintage Wooden Office Chair

Vintage Wooden Office Chair

Yess, I want one of these please!

11. Ruined furniture

Ruined furniture

The photographer himself called this chair ruined. But I think there's a lot of life in it.

12. Eco Wooden Chairs

Eco Wooden Chairs

This is a masterpiece of simple design. I can imagine these chairs aren't very compfortable but I'd still not refuse a few.

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