Top 10 Oddest Benches

Some Are Ugly, Some Are Lovely - But We Want Them All!

We love useful benches. You can sit and relax on them, or you can use them as storage, or you can place flower pots on them. All this is great. But we also love benches which just look great, amazing or funny. Even if some of them are not comfortable, all of the 10 odd benches shown here catch attention and stand out. You can check yourself. (In most cases you can click on the pictures to see them larger):

1. Dolphin Bench Sculpture

Weird and Wonderful Wood 2008

This is an artwork by Ben Platts-Mills at Haughley Park, Suffolk. I doubt it's functional but who knows - maybe you can go to Suffolk and try it yourself. It looks amazing for sure.

2. Rory's Bench

Rory's Bench

This is another artwork but this time from stone. I guess it could be kind of scary in the night. At least looks comfortable for a seat.

3. Caterpilar Bench

Caterpilar Bench

If you have slightly more than 4 thousands British pounds this one can be yours! Quite a price indeed, but the bench is made of aluminum and I bet noone in your neighborhood has such one. It's produced by Philip Watts Design and can be purchased from their site.

4. Uncomfortable Park Bench

Uncomfortable Park Bench

Looks like some park designers think too much about design and too little about people having rest in the park. Well, without them what would I be writing about? What a bench, hehe! Photo source.

5. Tree Bench Made Of Concrete

tree bench

This one is funny. Looks like the trees will fall every moment. It surely catches the eye however.

6. Old Wooden Bench

Old Wooden Bench

This is what I call old! I guess it could hardly survive a heavier person sitting on it. But sure it looks romantic in some weird way.

7. "What The Heck" Bench

An Odd Bench in B&W

Now tell me please, how could anyone use this? Maybe it's planned for bed :) This might be actually the oddest bench in this selection.

8. Funny Connected Ones

techno distance

And these are probably the most "normal" in the collection, but even they are strange. If you look carefully you will see these two benches are connected by chains and by their legs. And people on them look funny too.

9. Smiling Bench

Funny benches 2

Happy sitting on this one, if you can. Not usable for sure, but don't you think it's cute - it looks like a smiling face!

10. The Viking Bench Boat

the viking bench boat

That's a really neet composition - the benches themselves are perfectly usable, but they are made like a part of viking boat sunk in the ground. Very nice!

11. Bonus Benches

Have a look at these lovely odd benches, you can even buy them for your garden:

Maybe you have an odd bench in your garden that's not shown here? Take a photo of it and send it to us!

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