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Top 8 Reasons To Make a Garden Bench Yourself

Shopping for benches? Wait. Maybe it's wiser to build one yourself. Here is why:

1. It's cheaper. This is the most obvious reason. But do you know how cheap it could be? If you build your bench using old boards or tree branches and trunks it could be nearly free....

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Blog Review: Lazy Suzan

We are starting a new section in the site. We'll do short reviews interesting blogs related to benches, garden furniture etc. I hope the reviews will help you discover interesting blogs about these topics. If you want to suggest a blog, just let us know.

The Lazy Suzan Blog

Let's start...

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All Types Of Benches: Simply Explained

Not All Benches Are In The Garden

Church pews, piano benches, kissing benches... have you heard about all these? They are all benches. And guess what, I'll let you know more about them. Who said all benches should be in the garden?

Garden Benches

We have covered garden benches a lot on...

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Minimalist Guide To Building a Potting Bench

The Least You Need To Know To Get Started Right Now

The web is full of potting bench plans and guides (I'll share some links where appropriate). The problem is, as usual,

there are way too many guides,

way too many different descriptions, and way too many different designs. How...

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Painting Benches

Don't Be Shy, Bring Some Colors In Your Garden

It's not just about the colors. Painting protects your outdoor benches from aging. Wood rots quickly without protection, and metal rusts. While there are also various primers for wood or metal, they work best when combined with paint. And it's so much...

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