Make Informed Decisions When Buying
Or Building Benches

This Guide Will Help You Learn How To Choose, Maintain and Even Make Outdoor Benches Yourself

Take a look at your garden. I hope it looks good. You've put a lot of effort and creativity to arrange it and keep it clean and green. Now think about the ideal garden. Is it any different than yours? Is yours missing anything? How is it going to look if you add few benches at the right places?

Maybe you already have all the benches you need. Maybe you are just looking to replace them or just want to know what other kind of outdoor benches may fit best. That's fine - you'll probably find the answers here.

Outdoor Garden Bench
Maybe this lady thinks that her bench needs new paint

Relax On Your Outdoor Benches

They are not just beautiful: outdoor garden benches are functional furniture which can be used for relaxation and talks in the garden. The bench is such a simple thing, but can change your lifestyle by encouraging you to spend more time outside, feel better and have more fun with your important ones.

What benches are best for relax and having fun, which materials will live longer and how much will they cost? This site has the answers and they are free - just keep reading, bookmark it or subscribe via email or feed reader.

Use Benches To Arrange Your Garden

Benches have both functional and decorative purpose. When chosen with taste and placed in the most appropriate positions they can make your garden look special. Stay with us to learn how to achieve this - but don't forget that your own ideas matters the most.

For example wooden outdoor benches look natural and fit great in gardens with a lot of trees and plants. The plastic ones are better for motley backyards and the steel benches are stylish and require more attention to the details. Backless benches are very unpretentious and don't take much space while the ones with backs are more comfortable and may have various decorations.

There are really many types to choose from and arrange in the garden. Get informed about them and then you can design the landscape like a professional designer.

How To Buy And Keep Them

Buying is not a rocket science: just to go your local store or shop online. Or at least it would be truth in an ideal world. In practice you'd better not rely on the sales guys in the stores or the praises in the online shops. It's better to know what defects to look for, what prices are reasonable, which benches will work best for you.

Most garden benches aren't cheap and aren't easy to take out and replace: that's why you'll want to keep your ones in good shape for many years. The different types of benches require different kinds of maintenance and care.

You guessed right, this guide will help you for that as well.

Or Just Make Them Yourself

If you like doing things yourself and have some basic idea of woodworking you may just build your outdoor benches. It takes few steps - from designing or finding bench plans to installing the assembled furniture in the garden. Making garden bench on your own is a nice and rewarding DIY project.

Never done anything like that before? Don't worry, you'll need a couple of days to learn and practice and you can start your first project. Of course, you'll find the information you need here.

And More About This Guide

We are going to publish resources on all the topics about outdoor benches, and not only. Indoor benches, potting benches and other types will also be covered. If you have images of your garden or your DYI bench, we'll publish them too.

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